Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hard to believe how time flies!
Tomorrow is May First and the day coincides with the First Sunday of the month clean-up at the park.
The First Sunday meetings started in February 2007. This Sunday will mark our 40th clean-up!

Here below are photos of the Daffodil Planting on the first Sunday in November 2007. Our dedicated neighbor Margaret Crayton (in the blue shirt) was stalwart picking up the bulbs for our park each fall...back in the days when the city had money for such efforts. The two top photos show how over the years, pockets of daffodils have naturalized along the fence. Take a close look at how barren either side of the fence looked four years ago, before neighbors beautified the front of the park with drought tolerant plantings!

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  1. Asses shucks. We just missed it. Myself, my wife Chantal, and my twin 2.5 yr old boys Chaz and Gabe are new transplants to the neighborhood. We're sorry we missed it. It would have been fun to be part of it. We will see you at the park!